“Great teachers and students with lots of excellent discussion of physics. Great chance to use the technology and learn new tricks in Logger Pro.”

“I had heard that this workshop transformed the teaching practice (from several teachers), but wasn’t really sure just how much that was true. While I’ve taught physics before, I don’t have the strongest physics background. This workshop both gave me confidence in my physics content knowledge AND gave me a framework for teaching physics (hopefully)… Continue reading

“The focus on pedagogy and analysis of relationships through equation building was inspiring.”

“Wonderful food! also GREAT emphasis on labs and board discussions; i got to see how fundamental those were”

“I thought this workshop would be a waste of time and not that useful. However this workshop was continually engaging every day and now I feel comfortable going all modeling next year. Although I know I will still have a ton of problems as a new teacher I think this workshop prepared me as well… Continue reading

“The food was outstanding and welcoming nature of hosts make me want to return again.”

“Relaxed atmosphere, yet a driven group who really wanted to learn as much as they could in the week.”